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€220.00 EUR

Item no. 1411097

This luxury leather Changing Pad will create the perfect base for those snuggling hours being close with your baby when those small tooshies needs cleaning.

Each Changing Pad is hand sewn in the most delicious leather from Danish Sørensen Læder A/S. Made of pigmented leather with an extremely strong finish and very user-friendly surface, makes the Changing Pad completely suitable for daily practical use. In fact, the leather will only become more beautiful in time as it is a natural material.

The pattern-less and basic colors are perfect for letting beautiful towels and swaddles change the mood of the nursery without it being messy.

Should the inevitable pee accident happen (or worse) – the cover is easily removed for cleaning.


Strong pigmented leather, which creates an even and smooth surface. Buffed and embossed leather, which makes the Changing Pad stain and smudge resistant. For further information, please visit the website of Sørensen Læder A/S

Color code: Black 41599

Dimensions: 620x480x80(40) mm

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