By N Sleep

€60.00 EUR

Item no. 1411101

Danish Design and 100% pure nature. GOTS certified cotton and organic kapok fibers makes the mattress completely free of chemicals.

The mattress is especially suited for children with allergies, as the natural kapok fibers cannot contain moist in which house-dust mites and bacteria thrive well.

With an effective insulating quality, the body heat of your child is reflected pleasantly whilst the firm comfort of the mattress is very suitable for children’s bone structure.

You are not only ensuring a dry and warm mattress for your child when buying a kapok mattress. As kapok is harvested year after year without cutting trees down, you are also supporting sustainable production and protecting the rainforest.

Ollie|s|Out recommends using the kapok mattress for your children but you can with easy use the top mattress on an ordinary mattress.


The mattress holster is made of 100% GOTS certified organic unbleached cotton with an core of 100% organic kapok fibers sewn in chambers for a medium/firm comfort.

Dimensions: 10x600x1200 m

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