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The playbed is a mix of a play table and daybed. The perfect place for love bugs to unfold their creative minds and practice new physical skills.

With an easy fastened top mattress, the playbed quickly changes from a beautiful furniture to a fun space for playing in different ways.

  • Sit at the floor and play - with or without the soft mattress
  • Integrate the holes of the top plate into the play
  • playing underneath or on top of the playbed

If the playbed is not a part of the kid’s room, mom and dad will not mind having this furniture in the living room, which will also function well as that place to chill when watching a bit of telly.


The playbed is made of Oak veneers. Water-based organic paint on the surface to get that delicious milky white color that highlights the grain of the wood. Certified for children’s furniture and toys.

A soft 450 mm foam mattress covered with a durable and washable cotton cover all certified for use of children.

Dimensions: 897x627x204 mm

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