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Item no. 2014003

This leather Pacifier clip will leave your munchkins looking super cool.

The pattern-less and basic colors are perfect for letting awesome clothing stand out when adding the leather details in the pacifier clip.

Each Pacifier clip is hand made in the most delicious PURE leather from Danish Sørensen Læder A/S. Made of vegetable tanned aniline leather without finish, which makes the products perfect for our most precious little ones. The color will change in time, but in fact, the leather only becomes more beautiful in time as it is a natural material.

The raw black metal clip are fastened in one end while a push button in the other end makes changing pacifier very easy.



Lead and nickel free black metal clips and buttons. PURE leather tanned by the extracts from fallen fruits of the Tara tree. The PURE leather is IVN- and ECARF certified. With focus on being an environmentally friendly company, we are proud to be using this leather, as IVN is the strictest European environmental standard for leather. While the ECARF certification ensures quality as well as the active support of consumers faced with allergy related decisions.

The pacifier clips meet the requirements of EN 12586:2007+A1:2011 standards.

Color code: Black 20836

Dimensions: 215x20 mm

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